The KK Food Phenomenon

How would one resist good food? Especially our very own KK's local cuisine that is simply mouth-watering, the spice and the sweet fragrant that is indescribable? There is a phenomenon in KK City now and its not stopping anytime soon. Yes, you guess it right, it's FOOD! There is a crazy wind sweeping around town talking about Burger Bakar. I can hear it over Zello Talk, read it over in FB, Twitter and my friends blogs too! Imagine sinking your teeth into a juicy and tender beef patty grilled to perfection, laced with the special local flavor sauce and its three-storey high! Ok, maybe not that high but its eye-popping to see it for yourself.

What I tell ya?! Is your eyes on the ground yet?

The stall in Tanjung Aru Plaza

Fresh Beef patty on the BBQ Grill

Beef patty grilled and ready!
All Photo Credit to Ms Wendy Wong of Breeze Magazine

Just this early evening, I got a message from Dino inviting me and a few bloggers for a food tasting session this weekend. I can't wait to try out our very own KK Burger Bakar and tell you all about it! 

KK Burger Bakar is located at the open food court next to Tanjung Aru Plaza, Kota Kinabalu. 
More info head over to

Till my next post! Cheers! ^_^V


Mas Light said...

I heard there's another one at Habiba Suites. Never tried that one yet but the one in Tg. Aru is not bad :)

Margaret said...

@Mas: Yes, I heard about the Habiba Suites Burger Bakar too. Hope to try it some day :)

DoRa Priscilla said...

I know the stall! :D Gonna try it out very soon


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