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Question Time!

Which website do you go when you switch on your PC/Notebook/Tablet? As a Gen-Xers, I used to check out my local newspapers online or local printed newspapers for my news fix. Now? not anymore! Facebook & Twitter is my main source of news, updated, advertisement and events around KK City! Printed material is consider a luxury to have now. All of it is available in digital format now.

How does one keep up with such rising and explosion of online digital media? B2.0 is an annual gathering for bloggers and social media enthusiasts in Borneo Island. A gathering open to individuals who apply social media tools to their businesses and personal lives, and to those who are keen to explore possibilities in this medium. The gathering focuses on networking, collaboration, case studies, ideas, critical issues, trends, and best practices around Borneo Island & South East Asia Region. It is a platform for Borneo people to stay abreast with trends in social media.

Anyone read Daily Express on 3rd December 2012? You will find this article here and its written by Neil Chan.

B2.0 took place on Saturday, 1st December 2012 at Wisma Bandaraya from 9am onwards and was attended by 60 professionals. The invited speakers were prominent social media players of the industry, such as@KKCity on Twitter (Even I follow him!), @thanislim (foodie extraordinaire from Brunei and regular Breeze magazine contributor), Murphy Ng (MySabah.com, and Sabah Tourism Board's IT assistant manager & my long-time friend/ex-colleague), Muhammad Reeda (anakbrunei.org), Team Sprocket (a team of game developers based in KK), FPS (Film Production of Sabah, famed for Sabah Hakka Style video parody), and Grim Film (a video production team whose work on youtube who was featured in Germany's annual short film festival. 

The event was organized by Borneo Colors and ME Malaysia, which was also sponsored by DiGi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd, Acer and Windows 8, and supported by Tourism of Resource Development and I.T, Creative Lasso, Nuffnang, Bombers Burger, Canon and Imperial Boutec Hotel. 

Tristan Lee Riven from Team Sprocket

Some of my favorite session was by Tai KL from Naga DDB representing DiGi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd in his talk on In Support of Social Media and Team Sprocket's Tristan Lee Riven who talked about their team who is currently working on their new game called Shiftling with lots of Borneo element in the designs. I love creative people working on their creativity and representing it to the world. 

One my favorite video who was represented by Tai KL from Naga DDB on how DiGi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd market their Brand. I laugh so hard I have to re-watch it over and over again! :DD

Last but not least I want to thank DiGi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd for sponsoring me to attend this event for the second time! I have to say I truly enjoyed all the sessions and to refresh myself about what Social Media can do.

 A group photo of B2.0 participant and speakers

You missed it? No worry, there is always next year! Don't forget to look out for B2.0 2013, head over to their page at http://www.facebook.com/b2point0

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