To Remember My December

It has been sometimes I write about my own stuff other than for foods or events. Just finish off B2.0 last Saturday. I got sponsor by Digi again this year. Got  my hand dirty in hacking stuff again - notice the word "again"? Yes, that was centuries ago! :). I am so outdated! Learn quite a bit I guess. Since I have started this blog since 2008, my blog have grown up quite a bit. I will always have a place to rant my stuff whenever I feel I want to. In case, you don't know I mostly love writing about technology stuff. Well, of course other than my other love for OPI Nail Polish, Handbags and Food.

There is still an invisible divider among the genders when it come to technology stuff. Not alot of people agree women should take up the responsibility when it come to managing, designing or producing application for the masses. But I am grateful that people who I know would always give women a chance. This year 2012 is the year of the Dragon, however not really "my" year. Alot of stuff happen and got worst. But I am grateful than my "luck" is still hanging on until this month December. I should not say that this year was BAD because alot of GOOD things happen to counter react all those BAD ones. Some other people don't seems to see that, especially my own family. That is really sad for me. I am also grateful I meet and make new friends along the way. When I counted my lucky strike with my really bad ones, I guess it balance up my life? Along the way, halfway on the road, I got down, like really down in the pit. There is no way more down I went that the only way to go is to go up. Seriously, there were times I wish something that is not acceptable.

One day, I heard about this TV Documentary on National Geographic Channel about Doom Preppers. The show is about people getting ready for all kind of bad stuff which is about to happen. Then this Mayan calendar which says the world will end in 31st December 2012. Just the other week, I heard it was a miss-calculation and that the world will not end for another 17 years? Mmm...I guess someone wishes for more time?

If you saw my "Dear Universe" wishlist on the sidebar, you will know that almost half of my wishes came true. I manage to get 4 item this year too and it was strike off the list. I don't think Bad luck is in play here. Not to mention, this year I manage to get more invites, sponsorship and recognition that I never really got the year before. Among other things, Karma does come into play in my life. The more I give, the more return I get and considering my position in the finance side is not that good this year. Believe me when I say Karma will look after you no matter what.

Pic Source: Internet

This symbol represents Karma & Infinity, which is also my favorite symbol.
It helps to remind myself that what goes around comes around.

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