I was Invited to Corona Sunset Beach Party & After Party!

Last month, I was invited to attend a hot event! It's the Corona Sunset Beach & After Party which was held on the 28th & 29th December 2012. It was quite a blast to end my 2012 I must say :)

Too bad, I can't take much alcohol. But I got to take some Ice Lemon drink and Coke while enjoying the event, music and performance for the those nights.

Arrive rather late, so can't witness the Sunset :(

Got my drinks and a seat at the Media table. Oh that's Sherrie (in the white sun dress)  going to check the band that was playing for the night.

One of the banners at Corona Sunset Beach Party!

I think Sherrie wants to be Corona's Ambassador? XD

 The Big Buckle of Corona's at my table. Too bad I can't drink them

Nevermind, took 1 bottle out to take photo. It will last longer than drinking it :D

Good music from this Band (didn't got the name)

Wondering what is outside? This! All the water is here :D

Girl side?

And seems all the Guys are here?

Since I sat way back inside the bar, can't see much performance :( At least I got to see some music performance instead. 

The second night was much more exciting, at least I think so! :D

A makeshift artificial beach was created at the Chocolate Factory Entrance! Super cool! :D

Got a good table near where the DJ's are spinning. Yeah!

Where you get your Corona's :)

The DJ's started their hot Music to heat things up even more!

Ahem! So does the Sexy Girls came right after that and so does the Guys too! LOL

Jae Kweon aka the BeatBox was there too! Nice!

I get to see the Dj's spinning from here. Got to dance a bit after much persuasion by Ana! LOL

I had fun all in all even though I didn't get to drink much :)  

For more nicer photos than mine, you can head over to their FB page here :)

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Sherrie Pui said...

LOL. My bag was in the corona photo.


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