Dynasty Healthy Herbal Tea House (Dessert Review)

This is a long overdue review post that I had to work backward. Too caught up with work =(

This cute little dessert shop has open their doors not too long ago. It caters for those health caution and favors the traditional chinese variety.

More to say, to balance up the Ying and the Yang in our digestion system from the everyday outdoor foods we eat everyday.

I must confess that I am "NOT ALLOWED" to have any "Gui Ling Gao" of any variety. Sad, I know! Must listen to mother, no choice. So, all those black variety dessert is best suited for Wendy (who was having a bad sore throat, perfect for her!), who was my partner in this dessert review.

Nevermind, let's us examine the menu either way! =)

Well? See some interesting dessert? I know I have =)

Where desserts are kept fresh =)

This was what lay out just for the two of us?! Wow! Ok, I am not touching any black variety. The others are ok =)

Beancurd Barley Gingko - serves hot (RM3.50)
This is my favorite among the others. I love barley and gingko! Perfect for me! Taste not too sweet, nice!

They serve cakes for those sweet tooth too!

Their Logo/Mascot ^_^ cute!

Their simple and traditional deco. I love their wallpaper though ^_^

Look for this shop, authentically decorated instead!

 Dynasty Healthy Herbal Tea House is a new herbal tea drink shop (since 12 Jan 2013) located at
Lot 17, Block B, Ground Floor, Damai Point Commercial Centre, Jalan Damai, Luyang, Kota Kinabalu. Telephone contact no.: 017-866 0026.

Head over to their FB page here for more updates! Cheers! ^_^

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