Kopi Ping Cafe (Food Review)

I was so excited after getting a food review invite by the owner of Kopi Ping Cafe and it's just nearby my office! How cool is that? I have pass by this little cafe on and off but didn't get to eat there yet.

Went there with 4 other bloggers too! Nice! Familiar faces =)

Let's jump right in into the foods and drinks shall we? First up, the menu...

Did you see what I see? Yes! it's free wifi, everyones dream cafe! LOL And no worry on pork issue too.

You can also see get more information which is not stated here in their FB page here.

The name Kopi Ping Cafe comes from this bottle. Their Signature Coffee. Perfect for the afternoon lunch and teabreak. (RM2.50)

Red Bean Milk (RM3.00)
I am not a fan of this drink. Perhaps for those lovers might find it just perfect

Soda Lime (RM2.00)
Now we are talking! This is my BOMB! Silly me! I didn't get to take a photo of this, so had get some from Kopi Ping FB page! LOL Guess I was in heaven drinking this =)

Teh C Special (RM3.50)
I didn't get to drink this, its has glass jelly (another favourite!) Must try this! =(

Fish Sauce Mee Hon Seafood (RM8.00)
Among all the foods here, I declare this the ultimate winner! Taste just like they cook it in the Restaurant! Seriously! Love Max!

Dry Fried Hor Fun Beef (RM8.00)
My tastebuds might be pretty picky. The classic noodle is chewy and you got to eat it quick while it's still hot.

 Leaf Noodle (RM2.00)
Your typical classic yellow noodle and not oily. My own photo for this was not good enough, so had to source from Chloe

 KP Roasted Wings (2pcs) (RM4.40)
These taste good enough though, however I am not a fan of burned edges.

BBQ Chicken Rice (RM8.50)
I will order this chicken rice for my usual lunch during weekdays. I like the idea of BBQ!

Yong Tauhu (RM1.50 per pc)
For those on a diet, go ahead order this. It can satisfied your stomach in the protein department =D

Tom Yam Seafood (RM7.50)
Wow! This is the Tom Yam that will make me cry for MORE! Spicy!

Waffle Ice Cream (RM4.00)
Seriously? Where I have been? Where has this waffle been? Crunchy, Crispy and oh so cool! MUST order again!

Thanks to Dean, Connie and Angel for the invitation! :)

Location :
Damai Plaza (Contact No. 088-231877); and
Warisan Square (Contact No. 088-447956)

Operation Time :
Daily from 9.00 am to 12.00 am.

(Photo credits to Kopi Ping Cafe)
Us bloggers with the lovely people who run this place. Good to have another joint to have my lunch too :)

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