Somersby Apple Cider has arrived!

Guess what is my latest favourite drink? It's Somersby Apple Cider! I used to buy those bottled Japanese Apple Cider whenever I went grocery shopping. But now, I can get them at Spinoza, Waterfront Kota Kinabalu too!

I was invited to the launch of the Somersby Apple Cider by Carlsberg Malaysia. Man! I drank so much I had to stop myself literally! The much-antipated cider from Sweden was launched to business partners, distributors and consumers slightly after eight months after its initial launch in Kuala Lumpur.

Lovely Apples!

My glass of "Heaven's Champagne" for the night!

Bought two bottle but didn't won :/

The lovely emcee for the night!

The VIP on stage to make it official

Follow by good music all night long!

Some hot dancing action too! :D

Some action going on at the side by these lovely couple too! :D

Spinoza was full house for the night

Being the latest novelty in the social scene, Somersby Apple Cider has already been the people's favourite in Peninsular Malaysia. Made from juicy red apples that are fermented to perfection, Somersby Apple Cider, with 4.5% alcohol  promises easy drinking refreshment with sparkling bubbles that make every sip an exciting experience. For a non-hardcore drinker like me, this is literally champagne! Its an all natural drink, free from artificial sweeteners, flavours or colorings. Good News for me! Topped it off with cold ice cubes is the best way to drink it with no beer after-taste. You can enjoy the drink in the afternoons, with colleagues after work, at a sidewalk cage for brunch or during happy moments with good friends.

It's available in 330ml bottles at selected bars and restaurants, and 330ml bottles as well as packs of fours in major hypermarkets and supermarkets.

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