A Day Trip To Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa - Heaven on Earth!

I haven't got any R&R since last February. This day trip is just perfect for a ocean lover like me. I got to spend time with my fellow bloggers on this exciting day trip last Saturday. It has been so long since I step foot to any island in Sabah since like almost 10 years ago. I also got to wet my feet on the white sandy and beautiful beaches. Experiment with kayaking and snorkeling among my bloggers friends while rediscover what my beloved homeland has to offer.

If you are thinking this resort and spa day trip might cost you a bomb? Well, you are in for a surprise! It's so affordable and you can treat this as a mini weekend getaway.

*Please click to view it larger*

Now, let me show you all the fabulous scenery, good food and what my Saturday day trip looks like.

*Photo Map Credit goes to Bunga Raya Island Resort and Spa*

So, have I made your feet itch for a day trip to this amazing resort yet? Head down to Jesselton Point and book your day trip to cure that itch! There is no regret in enjoying this Heaven on Earth!

For further enquiry, please contact: 
Miss Junei Voo
 Resorts Sales Manager
Mobile: +6013851 6330
Tel: +6088380390
Fax: +6088247390
Email: junei.voo@gayana-eco-resort.com

You can also obtain more information on their FB Page here


StellaClaire-Richard said...

belum pernah pigi sini lagi oh. The food punya nmpk sedap!

Margaret said...

@StellaClaire: Memang sedap! :D


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