Food Review: LVE, C'haya Hotel, Tanjung Aru

LVE? Live? LOVE!! For The Love of Food " is a Bistro concept with choices of European and New World Cuisine.

LVE offers an exciting mix of Traditional French Bistro cooking blended with the modern world flavours. Their kitchen managed by Chef Leo & Chef Gautier from France will truly bring sparks to the menu. Both Chefs share their energy and style to bring cuisines that is tailored to the rhytm of KK life.

In addition, they bring you a welcoming dining area with contemporary design and a great atmosphere to relax and gather with friends & family located in the heart of Tanjung Aru.

The one thing that excites me most is their book collection! OMG! Dan Brown!! ^_^ A crazy reader here! You can even exchange books and donate your used magazine for the benefit of everyone ^_^ Me likey!



Japanese Breakfast Set 

Smoked Salmon from the breakfast menu

 Croustillant Foie Gras

 Crumble Cod Fish baked in a skillet

 LVE Chopped Vegetable

After it has been mix & tossed 

 Asian Chicken Salad

 Veggie Patch Pizza

 Veggie Falafel Sandwich

Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich

 Chef Gaultier (left) and Chef Leo (right)

The Crew

 Spaghetti with prawn and italian dressing - I LOVE IT!

 Oxtail Ravioli with Seared Scallops - I wish I had a second serving!

 Chef Leo serving us for the night

 Roast chicken with mash

Another view of the dish 

 Lamb Leg with Polenta

 Chocolate Fondant with mint sauce

Look what is inside? OMG! Heaven! 


Carmelized Banana & Puff Pastry with Honey & Vanilla Ice Cream - WOW!

Did you notice the table mats are from newspaper? Diners are encouraged to bring their own newspaper as ice breakers. I love the idea of recycling and caring for the environment.

Special Thanks to LVE for the invitation and good food ^_^

If you need anymore information, please head over to their FB page here.

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