Pandora Suria Sabah 1st Anniversary Bloggers & Media Invite

Unlike most ladies out there, I have this Diva status of wearing gold, silver or crystal jewelry only. It is an expensive health restriction I can tell you. Most of those precious jewelry designs are not so fancy and not even creative enough!

Ever since Pandora open its door a year ago, its like my wish came true! I love Pandora jewelry! With the catch tagline Unforgettable Moments, Pandora produces charms for every treasured moment.

With more than 800 different charms to choose from and to be threaded onto the bracelet, one is certain to find a charm for each special moment worth remembering including admission into the university, children's birthday, honeymoons and toddlers' first steps. It also has other iconic collections that include Moments, Rings upon Ring, Compose, Stories, Liquid Silver and the latest Summer 2013 collection. The international jewellery brand is known for its customisable handcrafted charm bracelet.

Pandora Malaysia officially opened its 11th boutique store in the country at the ground floor of Suria Sabah shopping mall here on 3rd May 2012 that marks its first year anniversary of Pandora's existence in Sabah.

Lights snacks and Desserts

Got my special cash voucher for my next earrings! Yeay! :D

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