Last month as definitely one of the biggest celebration for GAB (Guinness Anchor Berhad).

Still don't know what am I talking about?

Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB), the leading beer and stout company in Malaysia celebrated the iconic German Oktoberfest in Kota Kinabalu with a roving party in different popular drinkeries around the city.

During the roving parties, guests were able to participate in traditional Oktoberfest activities including traditional German folk dances, beer mug holding competitions and ‘Nail the Wood’, a traditional German game which requires participants to have both power and accuracy.

This is the fifth year running that GAB is organising this globally-renowned celebration in Kota Kinabalu. Besides the series of themed parties, special promotions featuring a special edition 1 litre Ceramic Oktoberfest Mug and GAB’s entire portfolio of award-winning beers, including the original Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier will be available until 3 November.

Participating outlets include: Hello Bar (Club M Pub & Lounge), Ballroom Bar, Crystal Lounge, Le Face Spaccio Di El Bar & Lounge, 9 Night Wine Bar, Hitz Voice, Oyster Bar, Hot Rod, Bar Tzar, Novus Karaoke,Shamrock Irish Bar, Cock & Bull Bistro, Step'In Restaurant & Bar, Sullys Bar, Vino Vino Yakitori, Plutonic,The Retro Club Bar & Grill, Mr Ho’s Fine Foods, FF Sport CafĂ©, Jarrods & Rawlins and JD’s Fine Foods.

Hot Fire Eater Performance!

But of course I got my share of Strongbow!

I even got myself two different type of Oktoberfest Mug! Yippee!

For more information on the GAB Oktoberfest campaign, do visit  their official FB page GAB Oktoberfest Malaysia Facebook page at

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