Do you have a Dream Car?

No human being would tell you that he/she do not have a dream car. In my case, one of them is the Mini Cooper Countryman. Recently, I won 2 special & exclusive invite to Volkwagen's New Mini Cooper S launch in Kota Kinabalu.

This is the Mini Cooper Countryman aka Dream Car :D Just because it is the only model with 4 doors!

Ignore the face and take a look inside this mean machine! That huge dial meter! :D

Moimoy look super fine with this mean machine :D

Waiting for the unveil

 In the meanwhile, look at these tower's of Mini's

We were fooled and deceive! It came right out from the vehicle elevator! Yes! Elevator! :D

Rica from Hitzfm KK was the emcee for the night :D Wohoo!

But of course, Rica with the New Mini Cooper S! Thanks to Moimoy for helping me :D

Of course! What do you aspect? This is my chance ok! :D

Moimoy got her chance too! This Mini has way more nicer interior!

Another take for my Dream Car

Thanks to Hitzfm for the invites and my chance to sit inside and feel my future car! Cheers!

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