The New KK Burger Bakar Restaurant

In their new location at 88 Market

Their special Teh Botol comes in tetra pack or in bottles

Classic Titanic & their Salad dishes in the foreground

Classic Double Six Charcoal Bun
I love their Charcoal Bun!

Their healthier variant of Salad dishes

Classic Salsa Chic Green Day Bun
Chicken lovers come on over!

Ini Kali La PRA
Want something without the bun? Order this

Classic Lava Gunung Kinabalu Charcoal Bun
One of my favourite!

Classic Angry Moo

This is their new menu!
Located right beside Austral Park Cafe facing the main road.

For more info, you can click KK Burger Bakar to for more infor!
You can also contact Ayu Yahya (016-838 0065). Book your table early as it might get crowded during weekends!

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