Shopping Haul from Shenzhen, China - Part 1 Video

It has been sometimes since I updated my blog. So this is something I'm trying out and hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoy making it ^^

I went for my annual holiday last end of January 2-3 weeks before the Chinese New Year. I went shopping crazy! My total weight (include my mum bags came up to 29kg (just as I estimated) :D

Item Listing:- (in no particular order)

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Cases
2. Silver & Jade Necklace (from Lucky Draw)
3. Selfie Stick with wire
4. Mi In-Ear Headphones
5. Cat & Owl metal Pluggy
6. Dragon Liu Li Hanging
7. Miniso Powerbank
8. Blings Headbands
9. Silver Money Earrings
10. Small simple Blings Handphone
11. Craft Bracelet (For Colleagues)
12. Blings craft bracelet
13. 4 USB port charger plug

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