Bloggers/Instagramer Meetup at Pick N Pay, Bundusan Pavilion

Last weekend, a bunch of bloggers and instagramers were invited for a meetup at Pick N Pay, Bundusan Pavilion. Not knowing exactly what to expect, I excitedly plan my way, my faithful Semi-pro Nikon with the attention and enthusiasm of a writer.

We were told there would be surely food and drinks for everyone to go around. A place like Pick N Pay has always been my favourite neighborhood store which I always frequent to get my everyday groceries and snacks whenever I needed. Its the closest store beside the other bigger supermarkets around my area.

I always managed to find the hard to get groceries, specially overseas air-flown produce, awesome snacks and their unique but affordable line of Japanese sushi too. I can't believe Pick N Pay is already 15 years old!

I arrived at Bundusan Pavilion almost to the dot when the other arrived shortly after. The staff announced that there would be spaghetti, cakes, juices and a salmon cutting session too. I went berserk when I heard the salmon thingy. I never witness a salmon cutting session before and so I was pretty much more excited.

Firstly, we were served the fresh fruit juices and juices mixed with yogurts.

Secondly, the spaghetti came and boy I was SO happy with the Chicken/Beef Spaghetti! They serve Beef Bolognaise and Fettuccine Salmon too. Next, we were served Cheesecake and Green Tea cheesecake...OMG!! Food Heaven!


Regular Cheesecakes and Green Tea Cheesecake

Wanna have a bite of Greentea Cheesecake?

Here is the Regular Cheesecake

The highlight of the day came right after and I simply can't wait any longer. Pick N Pay's Salmon Master came in brought a huge FISH! I was like Wow...Sashimi incoming!

What did I say?!? Huge or WHAT!?!

The cutting have began!

Sliced in half

Opened up

Little bones are removed. I can almost count them. Not alot actually

The skin are sliced off

Closer look at the fresh salmon being nicely sliced

Oh comeon! Come closer!

Arranged on a plate

Tada! Ready for consumption! 

Isn't this the most pretty sight of some delicious Salmon?!?

Alright! Let's eat! Mine! All mine!

Why not you head over to Pick N Pay and get your Salmon fix??? I promise you there is no REGRET!

Hey! I am not the only one alright.
Photo courtesy from Pick N Pay Instagram

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