Top 10 Things I Want For Ramadhan

Have you got your stuff ready for Hari Raya? Wondering where to shop for cheap during this festive season? I know alot of my friends always got their stuff thru online shopping which is a big trend nowadays. Its easy to find something online and get what you want easier when the item is not always available at your local store.

The option are endless too. I love looking at online store like Lazada where they have a wide variety to choose from. Surely, you ladies out there would be getting your egg mask to boast up your face and prepared for this festive season. 

For myself, I have always wanted a Nexus phone. Why you ask? Because it's the phone to have and it's the real phone from Google alright! You can't go wrong with it. 

What about for music lovers? I love the piano especially! I can't afford the grand piano though but a good electronic keyboard can be more affordable. 

Is anyone here into coloring?? I know am I..hahaha! You could start off with these beautiful Faber-Castell if you are unsure which color pencils to get. I have a 72 pc of Colleen Neon color pencils but these Faber-Castell are the king of pencil I should say. 

If you know me well, you will be aware that I don't use a windows machine for myself, which is why a true Ubuntu machine is in my dream list 

Next up! A DSLR has always been in list but it is freaking expensive alright. 

Since it is Raya season, this view of kuih raya really excited me. Anyone wanna invite me for a kuih feast?? :D

Ketupat has been always associate to Hari Raya to me. They are delicious eaten together with sambals, beef rendang and all the spicy sauce I can imagine.

As weird as it sounds, I wish I can attend a Moroccan Ramadan feast. I am always fascinated with their dishes which they serve during their festive season.

Everyone loves a gift basket, including myself! I really love digging into the mystery of a load full of goodies!

What about you? What are your Top 10 things you want this festive Ramadhan season? Cheers!

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