Anchor Say Cheese

Do you remember the last time you had that feeling of First Love? Yup, that one with the lovey dovey feeling.

Anchor under the division of Fonterra Brands is launching another “Anchor Say Cheese” campaign again this year. Last year, the response to their Japanese-inspired theme was so successful that this year they change it up a bit with a European-inspired theme.

You can now expect the new range of desserts at Port View Euro Bakery at Damai Plaza, Kota Kinabalu.

The desserts include Almond Rose, a nutty almond butter sponge cake with a rich layer of cream cheese! OMG! I absolutely love THIS ONE! Cheezie, cream cheese sandwich between two slices of decadent chocolate brownies and topped with chopped walnuts; First Love, a sweet bread with a brown sugar cream cheese in the center sprinkled with brown sugar for that added crunch, guaranteeing love at first bite and Lady Marmalade, a sweet bread with an orange cream cheese filling topped with orange candied peel.

Woah! With all these crazy yummy dessert, I am so happy they invite me and a bunch of blogger to sample these delicious babies! Their timing coincides with the start of festivities in Malaysia with the Hari Raya mood still in the air and the celebratory spirit bringing people together. Their theme for this year is “Connecting with Loved Ones” and what better way to spend time people we love most and sweeten the celebration with some delicious desserts!

From now till December 2016, you will also receive the limited edition Anchor spoon (heart-shaped handle) with every purchase of two boxes of Anchor’s signature desserts. The pricing for the bread selection is RM2.80 per piece and cake selection is available from RM6.00 per piece.

The Anchor spoon is so CUTE!! Thanks to Anchor for the desserts too! :D

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