Hello Stranger Cafe at The Walk, Riverson

Hello There! I am cleaning off the dust from my blog and eagering wanted to share this you!

Early this month, my bloggers group of friends went accepted a food review at Hello Stranger Cafe
at The Walk, Riverson.  Thanks to Beverly for making the arrangement for us hungry bunch!
Hello Stranger Cafe is located at the Ground level right at The Walk Riverson.
(Beside KK Times Square)

Photo Credit to Beverly

Didn’t know what to expect, I was surprise they serve delicious Vietnamese inspire fusion food there.
The cafe also served Asian and Western food too to cater to different taste palette.

A look inside the cafe menu

This place serves no pork and no alcoholic drinks.

Now with the food! :D

Starting with their Signature Dish - Grilled Chicken Lemongrass Bánh mì (My Favourite!)

This Big Breakfast portion is huge! Sure to satisfied any picky morning eater!

This is my 2nd favourite!

I love the chicken in this dish! :D

I always love a good mushroom with cheese sandwich! You can never miss this!

Last but certainly not bad, I love this Eggs with Salmon dish. Served with all my favourite Caffe Mocha!

Life is not complete without cakes! That Prestige cake is my favourite here!

OMG! Look what I stumble upon! Such cute kitty cat plate! LOVE!

A look around, you will find this shelf with books and something to shoot your favourite photo angle
with :D

Cafe Information:
Visit their IG Page and FB to get more updates!

Thank you to the owner for serving us such delicious food! :D

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