Focus what i wanted

Let see, what i wanted? Here a list, please dont make nasty comments ok, this is just my dream and hopes =P "thinking on already have"

1. Mercedes Benz A Class
2. Two Shop lot of my own.
3. The latest home theater system
4. 40" LCD TV
5. Married to a loving husband
6. Two beautiful children (1 boy and 1 girl)
7. Owned a successful business that I loved.
8. Invested in profitable unit trust accounts.
9. Go for holiday in China, Japan, Australia, UK, Hong Kong, Thailand, USA, France, Italy, Canada, Korea & Hawaii.
10. Donate to Charity.
11. Keeping healthy and fit.
12. Multiple and unlimited source of income.

I am releasing this list to the world and let the universe take its course. I may forget this list but the world will never forget because this is my wish and dreams.

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