Supplements for Good Health

What supplements are you taking to maintain your good health? Seriously with everyday consumption of food from meals is not enough. I take supplements to fill-in those minerals needed for general good health and as well as for preventions. These are some of the Supplements I take on a daily basis.

1. Garlic Capsules (Multipurpose Remedies)
2. Acidophilus (For Digestion System)
3. Chromium (For Glucose Control)
4. Multi-Vitamins (For General Health)
5. Eyebright (For Eyes Health)
6. Vitamin C (For General Health)

I can get these supplements from any pharmacy or general food stores. I think these supplements are not enough because as I get "older aka wiser" :p , I would need more supplements.

Ps: Remember this post back then? Well, here is my update on that. Total weight lost until now is 12kg! Yes, no joke! I am halfway to my ideal weight. Wish me luck, Yeah! Cheers!

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