Its been sometimes

OMG! I left my blog to rust?! Geezz.....guess I am kinda busy nowadays with alot of things. But I am super excited about my upcoming holiday trip in a just a few months time. Must save $$$$$ for my shopping spree!

On another note new puppies is in da house! From her mummy is mixed Chihuahua, Poodle & ?? (I guess is Tibetan Spaniel?? from the papa? I dont know who is the papa ok :p) WILD GUESS only ok....hehe. They are now 1 month old and running amok taking control of the house like Royal families.

And guess what? I have tumble upon into some death threats. Can you believe that? What did I do to you? (You know who you are). So childish! GROW up for god sakes. Even though I am an atheist, so believing in God doesn't exist in my dictionary. I believe in Myself. HA! I don't wanna know or hear what you have to say. YOU yourself did it to yourself and NO one force you! Instead of sending death threats, blame yourself first and see who is the real one in control. "wasting my time, saliva, sweat or etc" for this little space just to type this lousy comment! HUH!

Changing Topic!

Just yesterday I rewatch my old time favorite movie. Play the music link below and guess which movie I am talking about. If you know me well enough, then you should have no problem in guessing the Movie Title, Cheers and Have a Great Weekdays ahead!

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