Sungkai with Hyatt Regency Kinabalu

Are you thinking where to break fast in your Ramadhan fasting? Need some hint on where to dine on your next Sungkai session?

If buffet is your thing, great! Head over to Hyatt Regency Kinabalu next!

They recently launched their Bandung Ramadhan promotion with the ultimate in buka puasa feasts featuring an astounding array of choice to suit every tastebud in their Bandung Ramadhan promotion!

The buffet featured mouth-watering dishes from Indonesia, brought by guest chefs from Hyatt Regency Bandung.

Showing her support for the promotion was Sabah Indonesia consulate consul Mrs. Ema Noviana Mahmuddin and vice consul Mr. Thoso Priharnowo and representatives from the Sabah Tourism Board who went to sample the buka puasa offering on the first day of fasting.

 Mrs. Ema Noviana Mahmuddin and vice consul Mr. Thoso Priharnowo

Member of the media, including newspaper, magazine and bloggers were invited for the feast too.

Chef Aries & Chef Sandy

Indonesia cuisine is known for its use of fragrant spices and has gained immense popularity in Malaysia. Chef Aries Tri Suhandoko and Chef Sandy Nur Hidayat brings us the diverse flavours of Indonesian food. From flavorful salads and appetizers, to tasty soups, aromatic curries, fragrantly spiced meats to delectable, wholesome desserts.

Start your meal with a selection of appetizers such as Asinan, rojak buah or tauhu telur. Complement it with a serving of soup like Soto Bandung, Mie Siram or Rawon jawa Timur before digging in to their mind-boggling selection of main courses like Empal Daging Sapi, Udang Balado, Gulai Kamping, Ikan Bawal Bumbu Bali, Nasi Goreng Jawa, Ayam Rica Rica, Nasi Goreng Kluwek, Kambing Guling, Gulai Nangka Muda and many more Indonesiam specialties made by their guest chefs.

In addition to the Indonesian specialties, they are also serving up their much-loved favourites like their signature oxtail assam pedas, satay, rendang, whole baked fish, roti john, murtabak and gado-gado.

Western cuisine like roast lamb flap, beef and grilled vegetables is also available as well as roasted chicken and duck, dim sum, ngiu chap and yong tau foo prepared by the Chinese kitchen.

Interior Deco

I don't know about you but I am practically dumbfounded while taking these delicious photo!! :D

Dim Sum! You can't go wrong!

And many many more!!

A sight for sore eyes!


Do you see what I see? Lekor!!

Ice Kacang!

A variety of drinks is available too!

Yummy Ice Cream ^_^


Fresh fruits

Salad ^_^

Chef Govind will be using the tandoori oven to prepare his famous fluffy and crisp naan, tikka masala grilled meats and north Indian curries along with lamb kebab and beef shawarma.

You can also look forward to an extended dessert selection, from local specialties like kuih penjaram, ondeh-ondeh, kuih ketayap, kuih lenggang, kuih sapit, kuih lapis, apam balik to cheese cake, creme brulee, strawberry sponge cakes, jellies and much more.

The Bandung Ramadhan at Hyatt Regency Kinabalu is available all through the fasting month at RM110++ per person between 6.00pm and 8.00pm and RM100 per person after 8.00pm. Children pay half price.

Planning a private buka puasa? Chefs at Hyatt Regency Kinabalu have created a delectable, tantalizing buka puasa menu featuring the best of Ramadhan specialties. Trained banquet staff will be on hand to take away the stress of cooking, organizing the event, serving your guests and washing up so that you can concentrate on being the perfect hosts. For private venue catering, the menu is priced from RM100++ per person.

Let's eat & celebrate! ^_^

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